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Welcome!  SLS is committed to providing solutions and innovations in school cafeterias.  We feature products from MealTimeÔ, both computer-based and web-based solutions.  Personal service and your satisfaction come first!



mPower POS---Web-Based Cafeteria Point of Sale


Join the Revolution!

From Laptop computers and WiFi, to tablets, and even Smartphones, the revolution in mobile

computing rages on offering access to critical data

anywhere, anytime.  And now finally, there’s a POS and Management System for K-12 Foodservice that’s revolution-ready.

Become Empowered

Meet mPower, the latest in school foodservice technology from MealTime. It’s built for cloud computing with a single, centralized SQL Server database – there’s no user-software to install, no updates to worry about and no desktops to maintain. It offers the ease and flexibility you need to take your program to the next level.

Need to quickly set up an extra serving station for overflow or for a special event? mPower enables any device with a web browser to be added to the system with just a few mouse clicks! Need to access a report in your system from your home, or car, or the local coffee shop? With mPower, if you have an Internet connection, full access to the system and all of its data is just a quick login away! mPower is fast and flexible, adapting continually to the needs of your operation.

 More mPower POS info at MealTime's Website!


mPower Modules include:

Point of Sale — From small, single serving line schools to multi-line in-school food courts, mPower scales up or down easily to meet your needs!  More mPower POS info at MealTime's Website!

Central Management— Manage system settings, menu items, serving screen templates and other system data centrally and in real-time. More info at MealTime's Website!

Enterprise Reporting — Wherever and whenever you need it, on virtually any device that supports a web browser, if you have an Internet connection, you have full access to view and print all the data in your system. More info at MealTime's Website!

Eligibility Management — Complete management oversight of your free and reduced benefits program. Including applications processing, parent communication, verification, and more. More info at MealTime's website!

MealTime Online Parent Portal — With mPower, parents and guardians are always kept up to date through the MealTime Online Parent Portal— they can make credit card payments, monitor student purchase history and even fill out and submit a free and reduced application online .  More info at MealTime's website!


Web-Based Eligibility Management


Accurate and Accessible

mPower brings its inherent flexibility to managing all of your free and reduced beneficiaries. When you’re hit with a flood of applications at the beginning of the school year, getting those applications processed is job #1.  Fewer hours spent on this time-intensive task leaves more time for other priorities.

Enter and approve applications from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere

Detailed historical record-keeping allows you to review every stage of an application

Calculates and monitors expiration dates by individual schools

Create single applications for mixed households and different eligibilities (ie. one application with both income-based and foster students)

Imports and processes any agency certification file (e.g., DC, Foster, etc)

Calculates multi source income:  hourly, two weeks, bi-monthly, monthly, annual

Automatically prints all household communication letters (English/Spanish) with merged household address information

Letters can be sent via traditional mail or email

Review historical letters sent to households

Built-in word processor - letters can be modified or created in other languages

Tracks student movement and prepares audit history reports for students, households and household members

Refresh your data continuously through integration with your student information system

Track student and household change history

Verification function selects application samples based on preferred methodology

Built-in roles for data entry-only users - great for the beginning of the year

Password security for confidentiality and data integrity

Real-time updates for POS transactions

More info at MealTime's website!


Streamline your free and reduced application process further with Apply Online, MealTime’s web-based free/reduced application form

Secure, private method for parents to submit their application

Schools receive applications that are complete and free of errors and difficult handwriting

Administrators can review applications online from any computer

Reviewed applications are imported in batches ready for processing

More info at MealTime's website!










Computer-Based Cafeteria Point of Sale

MealTime Point of Sale

MealTime, now in schools for over 25 years, has been proven in thousands of public and private schools across the nation.  MealTime runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 products, and features a debit account for every student and adult that can be accessed with ID cards, PIN numbers, on-screen roster, name search, or  Touch & Go finger (biometric) recognition.  MealTime has the flexibility to meet your particular needs and, of course, meets all USDA guidelines concerning confidentiality of free and reduced information.  If a school has one serving line or 30, MealTimeÔ will provide the same level of accountability and service required.  For more detailed information on MealTime Point of Sale, visit the MealTime website.


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Internet Payment

MealTime Online

Parents can make deposits directly to their student’s lunch accounts with no staff intervention!  Parents can also view what their students have been eating, and when payments were made.  Plus, MealTime OnlineÔ can also be used for other school payments, making it a ‘one stop shop’ for parents.   For more detailed information on MealTime Online, visit the MealTime website.


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Data Consolidation

MealTime Central Office

Mealtime Central Office consolidates data from all cafeterias, saving enormous amounts of time in preparing reports.  Access each school directly from the main office to check or change information on customers. MealTime Central even allows the central office to view specific transactions at any school.  Again, flexibility is key: any district can consolidate their data, whether or not they have a network connecting the cafeterias to the central office.  For more detailed information on MealTime Central Office, visit the MealTime website.


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Free and Reduced Application Processing

MealTime Applications

MealTime Applications combines all of the functions of processing free and reduced applications into one easy-to-use program.  Process applications, generate letters to parents, automatically select households for verification, and even update MealTime at each campus (via network).  Reduces opportunities to incorrectly qualify households and place students on wrong eligibility status.  Learn more about MealTime Applications by visiting the MealTime website.


Apply OnLine---Submit Free/Reduced Applications OnLine

Parents can submit free/reduced meal applications online!  This will allow applications to flow to the appropriate official more quickly.  Even better, applications that are submitted via the web must be complete----Apply OnLine will prompt the user to correct any omissions before it can be submitted.  Greatly reduces input time while increasing accuracy.  The next generation in application processing!


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Contact Information

Please feel free to contact School Lunch Systems at:

E-mail address

Office phone

(877) 996-9035 (toll free)

(512) 996-9035 (Austin TX area)

(512) 996-9036 (fax)


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Upcoming Shows

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Biographical Information

Jeffrey Schultz has spent over a dozen years in Child Nutrition programs, training in 1988 at Lake Washington School district near Seattle.  Following a stint at Colorado Springs District 11, he assumed the Director of Child Nutrition position at Leander School District, just outside of Austin, Texas.  During his tenure at Leander, the district experienced explosive growth, adding almost 10,000 students.  Results included increased participation, reduced parent and administrative concerns, and consistent financial results.  Layout and review of construction plans for new schools, working with maintenance staff on repair of equipment, and managing regular refreshments of the cafeterias also were ongoing.


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Customer Support

As a School Lunch Systems customer, you have several avenues for support.  First, you may contact School Lunch Systems directly at (512 or 877) 996-9035 or by the e-mail link above.  Alternatively, you may contact MealTime (The CLM Group) at (800) 755-0904.  And finally, if your request is not urgent, you may contact MealTime’s Customer Support Team by e-mail at   


Program Updates (only needed for MealTime Classic)

The most current versions of MealTime Point of Sale, MealTime Central Office, MealTime Applications, and the MealTime OnLine Console are all available on the World Wide Web!  Current customers must have first signed up for this no-cost service---if not, you must first contact MealTime at  (800) 755-0904 or MealTime’s Customer Support Team by e-mail at  After the service is enabled, customers will be e-mailed instructions on how to download and install updates by clicking here..


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Last revised Tuesday, February 21, 2017